Roger T. Bain

There were a few moments where principled leaders stood up to Trump and saved our Democracy.

With the backdrop of the global pandemic, the U.S. conducted a free and fair 2020 presidential election with historic voter turnout. Of course, this is challenged by Donald Trump and many of his supporters…

While Twitter and other platforms did what was necessary, censorship won’t drown out those radicalized by Trump’s lies and QAnon(sense)

The attack on the U.S. Capitol by Trump extremists was far worse than we initially thought. As we learn from new cell phone footage and eyewitness accounts of the January…

No Trump apology or last minute Cabinet resignation can wipe away the last four years.

As Kayleigh McEnany finished her remarks at the White House press conference on January 7, 2021, you can hear several reporters yelling and one louder than others, “But where is the President?!?” “Doesn’t the President…

Roger T. Bain

My opinions and thoughts on culture. I work to help move people and organizations to action for social good. // Public Affairs //

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